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Brand Balance aims to become the specialized and neutral knowledge & data partner of India Inc. for strengthening corporate brand reputation ERPs (efforts, resources, and processes) and enhancing the business valuation.

The CEO, CMO, CFO and CHRO should get to leverage their organization’s Corporate Brand Reputation to achieve their Key Result Areas (KRAs) and strengthen both Business & Brand Scores. Every PR-Corporate Communications corridor gets to leverage realistic Measurement & Data Analytics frameworks so that the organization is fortified with the most advanced Corporate Brand Reputation ERPs (Efforts, Resources, and Processes).


Brand Balance's monthly services will enable its client organizations end each business year with stronger brand and business scores. It will act as the neutral guardian of the clients' monthly Corporate Brand Reputation and Corporate Communications ERP (Efforts, Resources and Processes) framework.

Brand Balance will adopt an approach of 3Ms:
1) Mechanics: Assist in the efficient management of the entire PR & corporate communications assembly line
2) Metrics: Enable clients with precise identification and delivery of Planning & Measurement analytics tailored to each business's requirements
3) Market: Strategically map output and outcomes to resonate across the business's target stakeholders

About The Founder

Siddhartha Mukherjee is the force behind Brand Balance. He brings more than 25 years of dynamic leadership across Brand Measurement & Data Analytics, Corporate Communications, Communication Firms, Media and Market Research, and Business Turnaround. 

He believes the gap between the Corporate Communications function and the boardroom stems from the lack of scientific ERPs – Efforts, Resources & Processes. This gap impedes organizations from cultivating a robust Corporate Brand Reputation, ultimately affecting business valuation and CXOs’ KRAs.

Siddhartha is on a mission to bridge this divide through the strategic deployment of scientific Measurement and Data Analytics-led ERPs. Before spearheading Brand Balance, he orchestrated the transformation of Earned Media Measurement & Data services within the Nielsen-Kantar joint

venture, setting an industry benchmark in the Indian Corporate Communications sector. His insights, rooted in Data Analytics, empower CXOs and Chief Communication Officers to enhance the reputation of both corporate and product brands.

Siddhartha’s neutral intervention and domain knowledge have helped businesses transition their corporate communications function from cost to a revenue center, strengthen their brand scores, increase PR communication budget allocations, optimize budget expenditures, better manage the communications cycle, and very importantly, fortify working relationships with agency partners.

Siddhartha has been a speaker at various forums including the AMEC Regional Summit, recently held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Outside his professional life, he contributes his views regularly in business and trade publications. He is an educator, a tabla player, and an avid explorer of the Indian landscape on his two and four-wheelers.

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